Friday, July 29, 2011

Camping with the Ex

When we were getting back together, before he decided to screw someone else, the Ex and I went on our first trip anywhere together as a couple. The trip was actually quite wonderful for the most part. I must admit I'm slightly bitter looking at these pictures but I choose to not let my indignation towards my Ex and his actions ruin the pleasant memories that I have made.

This is Cash, the most lovable funny dog I know. Look how excited he is to get into the car for the trip.

At the site checking out the wildlife in the bushes...

Expertly stacked wood

The Ex hammering away...

You can't set up camp without wetting your whistle...and soon after I was at the beach!

A totally cool visitor

The Ex lovingly prepared roasted corn-on-the-cob and juicy steaks for us over the campfire. I was so ravenous for its deliciousness that I broke the tines off my fork!

Our first breakfast....

...mmmmm bacon.....

...quite possibly the world's worst coffee.

Our camp fire...

Another delicious meal

Second breakfast

Longest running Rummy (Ramsey if you ask the Ex hahaha) game ever

After two nights and three days of fun, sand, surf, bugs and wild animals in the dark we had one pooped pup. Everyone should go camping at least once in the summer. I'm heading out again in a week.

Say YES to getting your camp on!


  1. I love camping! Looks like it was a relaxing and awesome trip ;) Keep those good memories.

  2. Thanks for reinforcing the best of the camping experience...