Sunday, July 3, 2011

Damn food baby!!

When it's too hot to cook and I'm tired of salads and sandwiches, it's time for TAKE-OUT!! Chinese food take-out to be exact. And it was good.
And I ate too much....again.
So I have a 'food baby'....again.
Food babies have been around for ages. Ever since the first time a man ever loosened his pants after a big meal and rubbed his gut in appreciation. I find I have them more and more but I think it's just that I have lost the gut capacity of my younger self (I could really put it away back in the day. A night of drinking followed up by the Flying locals know what I'm talking about.) and probably the good old IBS that I got kickin. So I am rocking a solid Chinese food baby, that's only getting worse from all the water I'm having to drink. MSG makes me thirsty, ya know. Of course I know that I get them. It's not a surprise. It's a simple matter of 'Action and Reaction', of 'Consequence" really. So why don't I just stop overeating and save myself the discomfort of a food baby? Well firstly, I know that I will pass said food baby soon enough and secondly, I like eating.
Since I can't share the Chinese leftovers, I'll share a feast of 'Action and Reaction' instead.

OK GO is officially on my list of awesomeness.....

Say YES to letting go of what brings you down...even food babies

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