Saturday, July 2, 2011

Time to get back on the wagon...All Aboard

Thanks to my wonderful illnesses I am needy, unsure, distracted and impulsive. So I get easily hooked on something (even if it is damaging to me) because it feels good at the time and I neglect my responsibilities (like the poor old blog here) and then I feel bad about it... I almost feel like a recovering addict that has slipped up and needs to start fresh once again the morning after.
So here I am having gotten off track from the 'Ultimate Plan for Awesomeness' and I am suffering hard core because of it. Mental illness is a bitch people, a serious bitch. And if you don't stick to the plan and keep on top of things, it will become a life or death's like watching a train speeding down the tracks bearing down on you and the whole time you're telling yourself "I've been here before. I'll jump out of the way in time." But you don't and you get creamed by the train only to tell yourself in retrospect that you should have known better than to stand on the tracks in the first place.

There are a few trains in my life, there's probably always going to be trains in my life and it's okay for them to be there...but I that doesn't mean I have to stand on the tracks waiting to get creamed.

Say YES to sidestepping the train wreck.

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