Saturday, June 11, 2011

For the Kid...

...because she thinks it's hilarious.

The Kid thinks the animation is funny and the song is ridiculous and therefore must watch it several times a day and share it with anyone who will listen.


Call me a pig if you will but this video just doesn't sit well with me. Talk of 'celery' in a Wonderbra, where breasts are kept... Talk of his 'celery' being hard coupled with an animation of the celery going from a flaccid state to a rigid one... Talk of 'special' gloves and 'proper' handling and waving it around........
Call me a pig because there's a penis joke here.
Don't all men want to 'get down' with their penis? Haven't they all wanted to stick it between some breasts? I know they want to make sure that it's hard. That's a given. Everyone is encouraged to play safe, No GLOVE No LOVE. And having a penis wouldn't be any fun if it wasn't handled properly. However, I do believe you could get in trouble for waving it around under certain circumstances.

BUT I'm sure it's just me. Ha ha ha. I'm sure it's just a silly song about a veggie. Ha ha. Lord knows my mind keeps one foot in the gutter at all times...if you know me at all, you know it to be true.

Subliminal message much??


  1. good lord, that's deranged! How do you guys find these things on youtube?

  2. The Kid is like a bloodhound for this stuff!