Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Being awesome and making the most out of life is making it incredibly difficult to follow through with any of my obligations...

I'm not blogging.

I'm not taking any pictures.

I'm not going to group. (It's so depressing.)

I'm not painting.

Mind you, having the Ex as a house guest isn't helping either....but I'll talk about that hilarious and satisfying situation another time......................

I'm always amazed at how little time we have in a day. And how we spend it doing such ridiculous and tedious things like dishes and laundry, cleaning up after kids and pets and the most annoying of all, work. Time is such a precious gift and it gets wasted so easily and so often. Our lives are passing right before our eyes. Do we really need more memories of all the things we squandered away that time on?

Choice by choice,
moment by moment,
I build the necklace of
my day, stringing together
the choices that form
artful living.
                     Julia Cameron

The past was.
Tomorrow may be.
Only today is.

Say YES to making some memories!


  1. I like that last one - it reminds us to live in the moment (NOW!) It's so true what you write - our days are often filled with tedious tasks. And by the time we are done, we're so tired, we just want to turn our minds off. Artful living is not easy - everything takes work! :)

  2. You got that right! It does take work! :)