Friday, June 17, 2011


The Kid is having a couple of friends over for the night so I have to do a quick post before I have to relinquish the laptop and retreat to my room while they take over the apartment.

We are heading to the carnival tonight. The same carnival that I would attend when I was a kid. In fact I lived quite close to the carnival when I was a kid and could hear all the wonderful sounds coming from it when I laid in my bed at night. The voices calling out the bingo numbers or the games. The rides. To this day, any time I smell fried onions I think of the carnival. Lion burgers. That's what the hamburgers with onions were called after the Lions Club Association that was affiliated with the event. In later years someone that had really bad body odour would be described as 'smelling like a Lion burger'.
Playing the games and getting a stuffed prize was always good. Especially the games that took no skill like the Birthday Game. You put your quarter on a month of the year and someone would spin a wheel or throw a dice and whatever month it landed on was the winner. "BIRTHDAY! BIRTHDAY! BIRTHDAY! COME PLAY THE BIRTHDAY GAME!" That was always music to my young ears. The rides were the best!

The Tilt-a-Whirl and the Scrambler were two of my favourites.

Well off we go!

Say YES to old time fun!

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  1. yes, but what about the new time ripoff? I was so disenchanted when I went to this old favourite carnival last year :( We used to be able to hear the chuck-a-luck game, and 'over/under' all the way over at our house! Then the jerk neighbours must have gotten annoyed and made them turn it down.