Monday, June 20, 2011

Mental stinking Monday

It's official. I hate Monday group. I missed three weeks of group and upon returning to group this week thought that maybe it had gotten on track and we would be doing some 'real' work. I arrived late only to encounter the same annoying whining about life that had been going on in past weeks. It took much restraint to keep my mouth shut and just listen about the terrible victimization of all the poor helpless women in the group. I'm angry just thinking about it now. Stupid whiny shitheads!

Today was one annoying moment after another.

Woke up late. Which means the Kid woke up late. Which means the Kid was late for school. Which means that I didn't get to the gym. Then the Kid forgot her lunch which made me late for group. Then group sucked balls which made me angry. Then I tried to go fishing but that sucked too which sent me into a tiny rage. And of course it seemed that everyone driving today was a complete moron which sent me into an actual rage. Thank God for rum!!! Dear Bacardi, I love you.

I am ridiculously annoyed today about several other things and people. To the point where I no longer want to associate with those people.

But I shall endure....

However to convey the mood I am in, I will share a picture I took yesterday while out shopping with my friend Tdot......
Don't fuck with me today.

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