Thursday, May 5, 2011

Get Back Up On That Horse

You ever have someone say that kind of shit to you after something disappointing has happened to you (like a break-up) and you have to start all over again even though you're scared? I'm told that when it comes to men and dating that "You gotta get out there!" "It's just like riding a bicycle." "There's plenty of fish in the sea..."


What's up with the bicycle thing anyway? When you're a kid you ride a bicycle and you're good at it and you like riding your bike. But then you get your license and you start driving a car. You don't go back to riding a bike, really, now do you. I know it's supposed to relay the message of how easy it is to do something. But have any of you gotten on a bike lately? Is it as easy as it was when you were a kid? Hells no! It is not! Nothing is as easy as it was when we were kids.
Well if moving on from a break-up is like 'riding a bicycle' then I guess I gotta, right? Some people jump on the next bicycle and ride the shit out of it before their feet are even off the pedals of the last damn bicycle.

The Bastard.

I'm saying Yes to trying a brand new key...


  1. Where do you find these oh so appropriate videos?
    Personally I think the sea is polluted, and don't advise fishing for a catch in that venue.

  2. I think when someone suggests you 'get back on the horse' is more an attitude, that if something bad happens, you have a couple can allow it to get you down, dwell on it and allow it to control you...or you can accept that what happened is bad luck/meant to be, or whatever, and look toward the next experience with optimism....say YES to being the master of your own destiny! ;-)

  3. @Steve I think you are absolutely right! And I'm trying out that Master thing as we speak :D :D