Friday, May 20, 2011

Jump! Jump! Jump!

This past Wednesday I joined a friend at a group meditation. It was a surprisingly large group and I was quite excited to be in attendance. It became even more exciting when I found out there was a Deep Trance Medium there that was going to channel some spirits and answer questions to a select few. Well the meditation didn't pan out so well for me because a had a blasted cough attack halfway through.

But here's the most awesome part!

Let's put aside meeting lovely people and being part of something special on it's first night and trying new things, sure those things are all great. But it was time for the channeling and I had my name in the box to possibly be picked to ask a question. I patiently sat there listening to the other people's questions and the responses that were given. And the whole time repeating in my head 'Pick me next' 'Pick me next' 'Pick me next'. And you know what happened?? I got picked next!!! My question for the Medium was "What is supposed to be my passion in life?". (Or something like that because I can't actually remember how I worded it.) Anyhow, here is a brief synopsis of what I was told...

I have to start thinking outside the box. I have to experiment and do whatever gives me pleasure. I have to take that jump. She pointed out that currently my creative passion is writing.

Writing people. There was other stuff too but I don't remember exactly what it was. I only remember being wowed and feeling that I was right on track with that part of my life. Even the wording she used like 'jump' had meaning since it was what I was talking to my friend about only days earlier. It was a truly amazing experience.
So the next day I went out and got some more painting supplies. And today I deemed my dining room as the 'Art Studio'.
The Universe has been talking to me lately. It's been a good conversation so far. So if the Universe says 'Jump' I will respond with 'How high?'.
I have always lived in fear but that's not really living now is it? The Universe wants me to think outside the be it. MY question is 'Will the Universe be able to handle me?'.

Be courageous.
It's one of the 
only places left
                            Anita Roddick

 Say YES to jumping!


  1. excellent quote! Can't wait to hear if there are any serious takers for your pending project.

  2. Hi Tina! I was just putting the new date up for meditation night 15 June 2011 and saw we had a new follower! :) This is Nancy as I keep the computer/internet up to date.
    Thank you so much for coming out! We were surprised at the attendance too! We all said that if there is a need and interest for us to help the community then give us a sign! Well I think we had one:)

    I'm so happy that you were pleased with The Essences/Liane messages. It's wonderful to get feedback! I remember watching you receive the information and noticing how your energy and aura changed. It became very soft and bright.

    I also wanted to say that coughing during meditation can be a sign of releasing negative energy. Quite literally expelling it out. You may have been working and not have realized it! :)

    Many Blessings and please let us know of your project! :)
    JUMP!! and don't look back!! :)

  3. Nancy thank you so much for checking out my blog. My experience that night with Liane was so wonderful and validating. I can't wait to see the two of you again and to meet with The Essences again. But I'm sorry I must correct you, my name is Rebecca, Tina is the dear friend that I was with. And believe me I WILL keep jumping!

  4. Meditation is wonderful in all of its forms! I'm glad you jumped and tried it out... I'm stoked to see what comes out of the art studio. Don't be stingy and only post things that you think are awesome - you never know what other people are going to see in your creations :)

  5. I have meditated before but for relaxation. I wanted to learn how to do the meditation like at that retreat you went to Sam. I have done something a couple of friends that I can post but I'm super self conscious about it :(