Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I've been choosing to do things differently lately and it's been working out awesomely. But I've realized that really what I've been doing is the opposite of what I would usually do...like George from 'Seinfeld'.

And today was no different. I was going to pick up a friend and I would usually turn left out of my driveway but I decided to turn right instead and take the scenic route, like my friend Tdot would. And I'm glad I did because I discovered something that most would think ordinary but I found to be beautiful.

They may be weeds but they are pretty. And in great numbers, breathtaking. There's a lesson to be learned here. Perhaps about taking a second look at something that at first you thought was of no use to you.

Say YES to opposites and second looks.


  1. All those are dandelions? It's so beautiful! Although, I was reading recently somewhere (which of course I can't remember) that dandelions had some sort of health benefit if you eat them. So maybe they really are a plant and not a weed!

  2. Straight up dandelions! It is beautiful! Dandelion wine! lol