Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Poetry a la Wednesday

The Alien's Tooth Rant
by The Kid

We've all seen Earth and Earthlings
and all the stuff they do.
Like, flying in winged spaceships, 
and chewing their OWN food!

Don't ask me how they do it
without their food flying away.
Perhaps it's the white things in their mouth
that sit there everyday!

So about the things in the their gums,
oh yes, they have gums too.
They 'smile', speak and other things,
All while chewing their OWN food!

The crazy thing about these 'teeth'
is that they sometimes will fall out!
And you'd think since they are made of bone,
the Earthlings would scream and shout!

But no, of course not,
they get happy and full of joy,
since when a 'tooth' comes out,
you get money or a toy!

They also clean these 'teeth'
with little furry sticks!
And after all this trouble
they use minty strings and 'toothpicks'

I guess it's hard to believe
all the things these Earthlings do.
But one thing is for sure...
It's absolutely true!


  1. FYI, KID may appreciate tomorrow's post on my blog - it includes a drawing of the tooth fairy. :D

  2. That is some STELLAR poetry!!! Good job, KID!

  3. The Kid is awesome...and we are looking forward to checking out your blog!!!