Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Best Laid Plans

Yesterday started off like most other days.
I woke up, tired as all hell, wanting to go back to bed but not going back to bed.
Instead I did my mom job and got the Kid to school.
I had an appointment to go to in the morning, wanting not to go but was going to go. However, the Universe must have heard my complaints and granted my wish and canceled my appointment.
I was going to have coffee with a friend in the afternoon but got hit with some disturbing news so that didn't happen.
In the evening I was going to read some asinine legal documents but the mere thought of it pissed me off so that didn't happen.
I sat down to write a blog, was momentarily side-tracked by a phone call from a friend, and then really got side-tracked bending my elbow so the blog didn't happen either.
Other than getting the Kid to and from school, not one of my plans panned out yesterday.

The best laid plans of mice and men
often go awry

If you'd like to read the Robert Burns poem that line is taken from go HERE. (I chose site that helps you understand the poem too)

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