Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Little Me PART 1

I often talk of things that annoy me or how angry I am. I've mentioned my illness on more than one occasion. And the complications of said illness can make some people uncomfortable. So I thought it might be fun to have a look at the little me before the shit hit the fan of my life.

Oh look it's a VERY little me. I don't even think I had a name yet. Everyone called me 'Pumpkin' because of my chubby cheeks.
Here I am with The Mother. She's got on a rockin outfit!
Here I am at my aunt's wedding. I also have 3 uncles who were referred to as 'The Boys'. As you can see I am wearing a new dress. I was also wearing new shoes. I was so proud of my new shoes that when The Boys came down the aisle in the church that day, I stood up in the pew and stuck my foot out and yelled "Hey boys, new shoes!"
Here I am showing off my new shoes again. I still love getting new shoes.
This was taken in April 1975. Check out that sweater. It's Pom-erific!
Here's another great sweater. What's even better is that toy!!
Well look at that! Another horrific 70's outfit! Horrific 70's carpet. Horrific 70's furniture. And the knitted slippers...nuff said.
Overlook my double chin and check out that ridonkulous sweater. Even my cousin has been afflicted with the 70's crap.
I wish I still had this shirt! I love it. And in case you haven't figured out what's going on here, it's my birthday and they are singing and I'm not liking it. Put your eyeballs on that organ-horn in the background.

If only I could remember more of these good times.


  1. Becky, you were A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! I mean, seriously. PHEW. I think I was sitting here literally SMILING at your pictures. Like, someone would walk by the computer and maybe say, "Uh, Aimee? Why are you SMILING?" haha. Oh, and I'm curious. In that picture of you in your new little outfit, there looks to be some dude in the background in a pink outfit? Uhhhh... is he doing some disco dance or something? hehe

  2. Thanks Beam! Ya that is a brown/tan suit and yes I think he is dancing...either that or walking really fast.

  3. he's busting a move. I just know it. Yeah, Aim is right. You are cheek pinchable cute. I don't know why, but your Mom reminds me of your girlie in that picture of her holding baby you. Oh, but I like the one pic with the big ashtray in the foreground. Good old 70's/80's.

  4. that's all anyone ever did to me was pinch my cheeks! UGH!! Ya I can see a resemblance. You know what? I never even noticed that damn ashtray!