Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cooking with Corey aka The Ex

Candystripe and golden beets. yummy.
Meat and potatoes were his job...Master of Meat!
Boil boil boil
Et voila! Beef and Beet Stew.

Say YES to food and friendship.


  1. that looks nice--where on earth did you find the funky beets???

  2. Sobey's. I got the maroon carrots there too. Beets are delicious. Corey and I usually have fun cooking together IF I don't yell too much. I like to have things my way or the highway... And thanks it was nice. It was so beefy but then the beets overpowered everything. Still pretty tasty

  3. Yes if you don't YELL too much, and Cash is not at our feet. It was tasty everyone here loved it!

  4. I still have a hard time with beets. I WANT to like them because they are INCREDIBLY GOOD FOR YOU, but they always have that aftertaste of deep-in-the-ground-metallic-dirt. I found a great stew recipe with roasted root veg (including beets) made by that chick Nadia G. from "bitchin kitchen"

  5. I love her!! You should just try them. The candy stripe ones are sweet without that earthy taste. Just don't do what I did and use too many!