Sunday, March 20, 2011


I sometimes get nostalgic for a childhood favourite, the hotdog. The quintessential summertime food. BBQ's. Birthday parties. Patio luncheons. Spending the day in your bathing suit. Running through the sprinkler with your hotdog in hand. Kool-Aid moustache. Memories of sunshine, freckles and the smell of a campfire. One bite of a hotdog and I'm a kid without a care in the world again.
You can only have the neon yellow mustard for it to be the perfect fancy dijon, no ketchup.
Lovely links of fatty salty goodness...
A thing of beauty! 

(Just don't ask what they're made from.)



  1. I freaking love hot dogs. This post just filled my mouth with spit.

  2. I know right?! I'm still craving them...