Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So I was making meatballs this afternoon for the spaghetti I was going to be having for dinner and started thinking about my friend Karen (who enjoys making meatballs) over at Ow, my angst. She is known as 'The Tired Gourmet'. She has some really great recipes and she's funny and you should check her out...I mean, check out her blog.
Anyway, I thought maybe you would like to see what I was making for dinner. I am not a gourmet but the Kid likes the stuff I cook and that's good enough for me. It's nothing fancy just spaghetti and meatballs.

So much meat....those are the homemade meatballs and hot Italian sausage that I fried up while talking to Karen on the phone today.
Mmm lots of mushrooms are needed, always.
When onions go bad....
The meat juice I will be cooking the veggies in.
My Sous Chef. Oh ya.
THAT is sexy.
There's usually celery and two types of peppers here too but I got lazy.
Add the veggies.
Chop the sausage.
Now I prefer a smooth sauce so I take all the veggies and add beef broth and give it a spin in the blender.
Don't worry that it looks like Linda Blair vomit. This is the flavour base and the colour is temporary.
Add the tomatoes and spices.
See it looks like sauce and it has all that hidden goodness.
Add the meat.
I clean up while it simmers away.
After a couple of hours I put it on our favourite pasta, tonight it's whole wheat bow ties.
And now we have happy bellies.


  1. oooo, spaghetti! It may be my favourite dinner of them all. That looked yummo, and I had to laugh at the Wilson-esque picture of happiness at the end.

  2. Thanks!! I love pasta dinners! I always make a huge batch of sauce so I can get many many meals out of it. I like making 'Tomato Rice' with the sauce too. The last picture was something the Kid did. Just had to get that too.