Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I just spent the last hour screwing around writing a blog. And by screwing around, I mean trying to find just the right pictures, getting just the right wording for childhood anecdotes and bugging the Kid for information to put in the blog. I made no notes on that blog, it came directly from my brain to the keyboard. I was also making my lunch. When lunch was ready and my belly was ready for a break, I left the laptop and ate more leftover pasta. (Which I have been eating for days...) After lunch was inhaled, I went back to typing only to find that the damn f*cking blog post was motherf*cking gone!!!! Yes it was saved. But it's gone all the same.

Now I just don't feel all that whimsical to restart that blog post.

Ugh it's times like these that I want to quit...

I think I'll go lay down.


  1. Don't feel so bad Rebecca I Lost all of todays blog too. Which took me about three hours to do.... PISSED!!!!!! but I will try again!

  2. how did that happen I wonder...did you go to your dashboard and click "edit posts" but it was still gone???

  3. Oh Karen I do love you! I never thought to look there and now I have and it's still there!!! Woo hoo! It wasn't the greatest post but I had put some time in on it and I hate wasting my time!! Thank you Karen for being the genius that you are!!!!!

  4. yeah...genius, or someone who HATES losing her stuff? Blogger is really good at saving one's junk continuously. I found this out when my computer froze one time in the middle of writing a post.