Thursday, January 13, 2011

Did you know....

On Gilligan's Island, the Professor wore athletic socks. What kind of brainiac professor wears athletic socks? The kind that isn't smart enough to get them off the stupid island!!

The last time I was at the bank, the teller was wearing a sweater that resembled an autopsy. I can only think that she was drunk when she purchased it and again when she dressed that morning. She should go to A.A.

A golf ball has between 380 and 432 dimples. We think people with only one or two dimples are good looking. I imagine that the golf ball is the 'playa' of the ball world. No wonder Tiger Woods got himself into so much trouble.


Science gave us 3D television. Science gave us artificial hearts. Science gave us space travel. Science even gave the hard-on back to the impotent man. But no matter how many times I clean it, the damn cat litter box still STINKS!!!

That I am a FREAK for old movies and musicals. Every day should be an old school Hollywood musical. Singing at our kids in the morning to hurry the hell up or they're going to be late for school. Singing at the douchebag in the car ahead of you that just cut you off. Singing from the toilet for buttwipe because the roll is empty again! Taking everyday situations and putting them to music...genius.

Now you know....


  1. Have you seen LOST? It's basically just a rehash of gilligan's island, but with more sci-fi involved. I wonder if the people on gilligan's island were in purgatory too?
    I have dimples. They only come out once in a while. I would have to agree with your 'playa' ball analogy :)
    LOL @ Cat litter box...
    And as for musicals ♫♪ I'm humming at my desk ♫ I'm typing in this box ♪♪♪ Pretty soon, my email ♫ will be in my inbox ♫♪
    OK, that rhyme was terrible, but I haven't had any caffeine yet today...