Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Maybe that was a BAD idea....

I know we have all had those moments where you say to yourself "What the hell was I thinking?!". I look back at my marriage and say that. HA HA. Anyhoo....I got to thinking about some of my own bad ideas. And that got me thinking about things that I imagine would be considered bad ideas.

*Eating chili for three days (and counting) even though you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. So much goes in but nothing comes out....except stink!

*Wearing sandals in the snow.

*Dollar store condoms.

*Feeding the dog beef. Uber STINK.

*Assuming police officers have a sense of humour.

*Being out in public without a bra. (It's just wrong)

*Naked, morbidly obese people jumping on a trampoline.

*Not watching where you walk. Especially important in reference to dog parks, high traffic areas, mine fields and short piers.

*Trusting Charlie Sheen to hold your stash.

*Playing the cymbals around the cat.

*Budweiser beer.

*Beefaroni and tequila.

*Swimming with crocodiles. Made worse by wearing meat pants.

*Leaving the house without make-up after the age of 30.


*Dinner at the Flying Saucer restaurant. (ANY meal really)

*Anal sex. (Ya, I said it.)

*As an adult, buying a BMX bike thinking you could look cool riding it and trying to perform Jackass-type stunts with it that result in getting a face full of pine needles and a bigger face full of dirt.

*You've heard of edible underpants but never edible adult undergarments.....

*French kissing after eating garlic bread pizza topped with anchovies and onions.

*Taking home whoever you picked up at the Cairn Croft. Eeep!

*Bolo ties.

* New Kids On The Block.

*Desert boots and jelly shoes.

*Mark Wahlberg movies.

*Polyester underpants.

*Dating an alcoholic.

When I googled 'bad idea' this image came up and I LOL'd.....
Nuff said

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  1. Great Blog! Very funny and well written. I would like to point out that some of those bad ideas were not just imagined - they happened! I'm sure there are some good stories behind your list :-)