Thursday, January 27, 2011


I rarely have good ideas....unless they're food related or totally inappropriate. An ex-boyfriend of mine was always astonished at the post smoking nosh I would come up with. I was the Queen of the Ultimate Sandwich! However here is a short list of things I think are good ideas....

*Lobster flavoured butter.

*Pint of Guinness.

*Random acts of kindness.

*Zombie training camp...prepare for the Apocalypse people!

*Sleeping in on a Sunday morning. (Jesus understands, even His dad took a day off.)


*Wearing funny hats.

*Hot cup of tea.

*Adult fun.

*Expressing your inner artist.

*Hugging your kid as often as possible.

*Hugging your pet as often as possible.

*Bacon and onion flavoured popcorn.

*Goofing off in the rain.


*Laying naked in cool grass on a hot summer night. (Maybe even with friends...)

*Laughing at the same things that your kid thinks are funny...
                                 ...and randomly sing in public.

*Scary movies...

*Breaking down if only to build yourself back up.

When I 'googled' good idea, I came across this image....


  1. Wonder Sauna Hot Pants!!!!!! Oh my god--I can only imagine how delighted you were. I think cheese melted on nearly everything is a good idea.

  2. Wonder Sauna Hot Pants. America sank to a new low that day.

  3. Laying naked in cool grass on a hot summer night while eating bacon and onion flavored popcorn. Then finishing off the night in a pair of "Wonder Sauna Hot Pants" while watching scary movies.

  4. bacon flavoured anything is a good idea...