Monday, January 17, 2011

Funny Quotables

We all have our favourite movies. The movies that you can watch over and over and over. You may know these favourites so well you know the dialogue by heart. I personally love the movies that have the awesome witty banter. Or are so outrageous or stupid they're funny. The lines that you can spout off at parties and instantly bond with movie lovers anywhere. Let's revisit a few of my favourites...

Five Vermont state troopers, avid pranksters with a knack for screwing up, try to save their jobs and out-do the local police department by solving a crime.
The first time I saw this movie, I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe...

 Ok the quality ain't so hot and it's not the entire opening scene(which would have rocked!) but it will have to do...The three dudes are so baked it frightens me!

#1 - A goofy detective specializing in animals goes in search of a missing dolphin mascot of a football team.#2 - Pet detective Ace Ventura comes out of retirement to investigate the disappearance of a rare white bat, the symbol of an African tribe.  I had a young friend named Wesley that was like a little brother to me. Jim Carrey was a hero of his and he would quote him constantly. Wesley was really good at being Ace Ventura.

If you don't know any Monty Python you just shouldn't be allowed to live.

 A Las Vegas-set comedy centered around three groomsmen who lose their about-to-be-wed buddy during their drunken misadventures, then must retrace their steps in order to find him.
 Zach Galifianakis is AWESOME!!!! just sayin

The fun just never ends. Accept for now....

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  1. OMG I LOOOOOOVE Monty Python... AND THE HANGOVER was one of the most awesome movies I've seen recently from the "stupid funny" genre. AS for Ace Ventura - that series of movies was just plain weird for me... but really does contain some amazing quotable quotes that shall always shine in the history books!
    I've never seen super trooper - but thanks to you, it's on my list of movies to see!