Monday, January 31, 2011

John and Yoko started a revolution from THEIR bed!

This has been a particularly difficult month. A relative died. I faced my birthday. (More difficult than you think) I'm in some huge financial trouble. I'm on trial at the end of this week. I no longer have a boyfriend. And it's a daily struggle to not kill myself. (That's a post for another day though) So I've been run down a little more than usual. It's no surprise then that I am rocking my second cold this month. It's got all the little goodies that go along with it too. The sneezing. The coughing. The mucous. The dizziness. The fever. The shivers. The earaches. The headaches. The runny nose. The stuffy nose. The throat so sore I want to jam a corkscrew down it. I did very little this past weekend because of this cold. In fact I didn't get out of bed much. I did force myself to get out to the movies but just barely, I had to take breaks while getting ready because standing for too long made me want to fall over. I also tried my best to continue with the household drudgery as best as I could. It seems like the simplest of things were huge obstacles.

There are lots of people that do lots of things regardless of sickness.

Some more remarkable people change history, sometimes directly from their beds...

The stuff happening in my bed....

It's too bad these little fuckers don't cook and clean, having a cold wouldn't be so tedious.

 Say YES to overlooking the little things in order to see the bigger picture.


  1. Hi, oh no, I am sorry you are feeling so crappy! you should read my post "Being Sick Sucks" I had it bad in November! I wanted to let you know I gave you an AWARD on my page today, Hope you say "yes" to it (haha) FEEL BETTER! :)

  2. Awww jdracecar! Thank you so much for thinking of me... I hope to feel better soon. I just talked my mother into dropping off some Chinese soup I like. And thank you very much for the award! I'll go check it out now

  3. it's SO HARD to overlook the little things, though! They are the ones that happen most frequently, and seem to niggle at you even though they are RATHER insignificant... you'll get there ;) It's a wonderful place when you do.
    I'll be here with a bouquet of flowers and a chocolate bar, some chips, and a beer.