Sunday, January 30, 2011

I wonder.....

I wonder about all kinds of things. Why some people are allowed to breed... Why the government isn't being run as a dictatorship with me at the helm... Why can't old and fat be the new hot and sexy... All valid in my eyes. I was in a 'musing' mood today so why not ask why.

*Why is it that the more you have to do, the less that gets done?

*Why is it that poop is so interesting?

*Why is it that 'All You Can Eat' always sounds like a challenge?

*Why is it that for almost all men that this 'All You Can Eat' IS a challenge?

*Why is it that as soon as the warranty is done the whatever it is breaks?

*Why is it that as disgusting as Taco Bell is, I still want to eat it?

*Why is it that when you go out clubbing and you have everything waxed and shaved you end up going home alone but if you have your period and look like a Sasquatch, boy-o wants to get his hump on?

*Why is it that regardless of 'braided leak-proof' this or 'winged protection' that, you always end up bleaching stuff or throwing it out?

*Why is it that there are more and more toilet paper commercials talking about pieces? What's changed, the paper or the ass cracks?

*Why is it that when you have secured a 3 day weekend for yourself to do whatever the hell you want because your lovely child is with her grandmother, you get sick and spend said weekend wiping the ever-present steady stream of snot from your nose and coughing until you gag?

*Why is it that when you wear white that you will always spill something on yourself?

*Why is it that guys insist on giving the most disgusting offensive names to all things, like 'nature's lube', 'dick cheese' and 'meat curtains'?

Just askin'....

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  1. i always spill stuff on my white clothes. I think I spill stuff on my other clothes too, but it just blends better. I also think the spilling on white has a pseudo-shocking effect simply because spilling on white is quite possibly the worst stain ever...