Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ok. So this was how yesterday went. 
When my mother is stressed, I get stressed. And when my mother is stressed certain things need to be done and they need to be done in a certain way. Trying to follow through with instructions from said stressed mother is also a stress. Add to that a two hour trip to the funeral home to finalize previous arrangements. Clearing out my grandmother's things from her room at the 'residence'. Sorting through pictures for three hours. And having to deal with the most selfish, immature, useless, heads stuck right up their asses kind of relatives! AAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH
Of course then when I got home to write my daily blog, at 11:45pm, both the computers in the house would not work! AAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH
Thank goodness for my lovely kid and my comfy bed.
Yesterday, I said yes to the simple things in life that I usually take for granted.


  1. I've heard so many stories about how death can bring out the worst in family members (pettiness, and greed, mainly. Hopefully this won't happen to your family!

  2. It happened 5 years ago. It's happening now. I have stories for you my friend.