Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oops! My bad...

Ketchup....CATCH UP!!!! 

Only 12 days ago I challenged myself to blog everyday about me, my perspective on things, ya know changing my life and stuff. Then My grandmother died and I kicked my boyfriend out... Now I'm several blogs behind and can't put a sentence together to save my ass. But I am going to keep up my end of the bargain here. I WILL CATCH UP!! Even if I have to cheese out by showing YouTube videos...haha
like this...(a favourite of me and the Kid)

or this....


Today I say YES to half-assing it!!!!


  1. Oh man--I ended up watching that entire cat video. How cute is that freaking cat??? Harry Potter cracked me up too.

  2. I know right?! I love Maru...I laugh out loud at that damn cat every time. I like to sing the Draco song out loud too

  3. LOVE the cat banana-sliding into the boxes!!! Who says cats can't be trained?
    And the Draco song RULEZ :)
    I think this is a perfectly wonderful post! Thanks!!