Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just because my cat thinks I'm awesome doesn't mean I actually am....

So I guess this is what bloggers do. They write their stuff and read other people's stuff and then tell each other they rock. Who knew? My friend K, who is an actual writer unlike myself, bestowed this on me. I was under the impression that the only creature who thought I rocked was my kitten Misfit. And I suspect that he only feels that way because of my cozy lap and I provide him with lots of eats. I think K is just being nice but whatever, I'll take it. So thanks K and check out a really great blog ow my angst. As per the rules I will now share seven things about me.

  • I would like to wear a toque year round
  • I'm a cat person that hugs dogs
  • I prefer savoury to sweet
  • I think bodily functions are both intriguing and hilarious
  • My soul is a well of deep never ending sorrow
  • I want to live out my days on a farm in New Zealand
  • I once got drunk and urinated on the hood of the car of a boy that broke my heart 
I'm pretty sure that no one wanted to know that last one but trust me when I tell you it was damn funny. And this is where I would add the punch line "You never want to piss me off" BA DA BUMP


  1. whoa...I'm not sure if I knew about that last one, although something is tickling my brain...

  2. Congratulations on the AWESOME BLOG award :)

    I am a superfan of your candid and frank writing. I think your seventh 'thing' is the best one on the list... Although the farm in New Zealand was a close second.

  3. Whoa is right Karen. It was an even bigger whoa when I did it! I'm such an emotional impulsive person tee hee

    Thanks Sam! New Zealand would be spectacular