Thursday, April 21, 2011

Asian Store

I visited an Asian grocery called 'Little Saigon' today to sign up for some cooking lessons. How awesome is the store name, right? I am so stoked for these lessons, you have no freakin' idea! Anyway, I just had to look around at all the fantastic and yummy things that they had there...and found some treasures.

I tell ya, I can't wait to go back there!
This is the first thing I saw. It is tea. I knew from the picture that it had to be a dieter's tea.
This is the writing on the box. I think it speaks for itself.
HELLO! How cute is this cookie box?!
Karate Cookie Panda is my favourite.
The cookies themselves are cute too...and tasty.
When I saw this I could only think of Alice In Wonderland and drugs....
....lots and lots of drugs. Yes, that is a mushroom that the cute bunny is near. Would be a great cover for selling acid....just sayin'

 These are delicious. After removing the wrapper, you can see that the candy is wrapped in a very thin rice paper. Awesome.
These are a very common snack. I have seen them often but have never tried them...until today.
Once again I find the packaging to be most amusing.
They look like french fries. Not too shrimpy. And oddly addictive. Who knew??

Say YES to exploration!

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  1. Those shrimp flavour chips are the BEST!!! Good finds!