Friday, April 1, 2011


After three months I finally decided to renew the license plate sticker on my car. I had already had a frustrating stressful day when I was told that I needed an e-test in order to renew that license plate sticker. But I could just run next door to the local automotive place (which shall remain nameless because of the unfulfilled mindless hick drones that work there) and see if I could have them squeeze me in for the test so I could then run back to the license bureau before they closed at 5:00pm.

Did I mention that it was 4:40pm?? And that an e-test takes 15 minutes??

There were several things that tipped me off to not succeeding in getting that sticker...

1) The local automotive business closed not at 5:00 or 5:30 but at 5:15pm.

2)The guy working the desk was busy playing 'Angry Birds' on his phone when I was talking to him about getting my test.

3) There were a high number of employees that thought light coloured tapered denim jeans and cheap running shoes were a sound fashion choice.

4) At one point all those same employees had gathered round a computer monitor to watch highlights from the show 'Wipeout'. There was much intellectual discussion at that point amid the shouts and the 'Oh that's gotta hurt!'s. There was also a lot of guffawing that resembled donkeys in conversation.

5) There was a grown man that condoned the use of the moniker 'Mikey' instead of Mike or Michael even though he was balding and gray.

6) And then there was the only female that worked there that was easily 350 pounds and chatting away about some vacation she took where she was snorkeling and there was nude sunbathing. Which really has no bearing on whether or not I would get my car e-tested in time to get my sticker but I thought the image of it all was amusing.

The car passed the test which is good but it passed at 5:00 so no sticker. Boo hiss. Now I will have to go tomorrow morning to get the sticker instead of doing the other stuff I had planned.


So it was after 5 and Friday and time for rum but I had to buy it first. And I swear, on the way to the store, a clown in a pick-up truck drove by me. An actual, full make-up, honest to goodness Bozo the Clown type clown.
He looked kind of like this...
But in my mind he might as well have looked like this...

I'll take that drink now.

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