Monday, April 18, 2011

Meatless Mondays

The Kid and I have decided to start another tradition...going 'meatless' once a week. I felt like a stir-fry would be a good introduction to Meatless Mondays but changed up a few ingredients. We used some 'new to us' stuff like yellow zucchini and red swiss chard.

What? Is it harvest time??
I <3 veggies!
Read the directions carefully. Heh
You know the song. And you know you want to sing it!
Tofu! Yummsville!!
Cookin some 'wang'...
That's a lot of chard.
Dinner is ready!

Say YES to small traditions!


  1. WANG and chard! That looks like an awesomely delicious meal. How did you both end up liking it? I often have meatless meals by accident (or perhaps because my budget does not afford much meat). Today's meal was DOLLARAMA CASSEROLE: 2/$1 sidekicks noodles with 2/$1 peas in a can. Instructions: prepare, combine. Serves 3 of me! So I got three tasty meals for $1. I gotta say, yours looks way more awesome. Now I need to get me some chard (I already have wang in the cupboard).

  2. Thanks! I liked all of it. The Kid only liked half of the veggies and thought the 'wang' tasted weird. lol I don't think I'd like to eat Dollarama Casserole...oh who am I kidding, I would probably love it. I'll have to cook for you one of these days. The chard is going to be in a soup and also used as a side dish with onions and garlic in the near future.