Saturday, April 23, 2011

My next project???

So I was browsing other blogs this morning and stopped to read one that had a 'content warning' that I had to agree to in order to view it. What could be more intriguing, right? What will be on the other side of that agreement? Juicy curse words? Pictures of excrement? Full frontal male nudity?? (I always hope for that last one!) What I found was cursing and nudity!! Jackpot!
I especially liked this photo...
Yes, that is a Wall of Vagina. It's fantastic isn't it? My high school art teacher I'm sure would love this and have some annoying and strange comment to add.

I do believe that a Wall of Penis is needed. And I do believe that my summer project has been chosen. Now to find 40 volunteers to participate.

How much plaster do you think I will need?

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