Friday, April 8, 2011

Chum Night

It's another Chum Night for me and the Kid. Chum as in buddy not dead fish bits and blood. I was going to write about the adventures of Me and The Ex but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Tonight I am giving the Kid an education. Tonight I am forcing her to watch 'Sixteen Candles'.

You know you love it.

I never got the Jake Ryan thing until tonight. Those very short gym shorts (hubba hubba)...still not crazy about the hair though.

Say YES to some retro!!!


  1. Christ almighty. You can't tell me he isn't the hottest movie boyfriend ever! EVER DARNIT! Love that movie. Got your message about the Saturday double header too. Oh Dirty Dancing...I HEART thee

  2. Long Duck Dong!
    (That never gets old.)