Thursday, April 7, 2011


Okay so I've been sad and angry for days now and I'm sick of it and I'm sure you are sick of my whining about it. As a peace offering then I have made something delicious for you to look at and for me and the Kid to eat. I took a recipe from one of my grandmother's recipe books.
Umm, I think you mean 'Asian' cookie.
Nice name for a snack.
More awwww...
I think this woman was a recipe guru. But it's the bottom right hand corner that I'm interested in...
After all that mashing and adding and mixing and pouring, it's time to clean up.
It's done! Smell it...
The crunchy top...

Say YES to something sweet.


  1. oh man, that looks DELICIOUS!! But, you HAVE to know that I'm FREAKING OUT OVER THE SHORTENING HERE. Shortening is pure evil. Never ever cook with shortening again! SWEAR IT!

  2. oh, and by the way--there were some v. interesting recipes in there!

  3. Oh I know that shortening is evil. You know why they call it that right? Because it is 'shortening' our lives! Hardy har har. Seriously every time I go to make it I plan on doing something different and then forget. And about the have no idea.