Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I have posted over 100 blog entries! (107 to be exact) Which means I am very close to being almost a third of the way through the year!! To be honest, I didn't think I'd last this long. So to celebrate not giving up, let's revisit what I've said YES to so far.

Say YES to.....

*appreciating family
*the simple things in life that I usually take for granted
*half-assing it
*having a birthday
*common sense
*overlooking the little things in order to see the bigger picture
*perseverance and try, try again
*beautiful colour
*making an effort
*being pissed right off
*saying no to my food addiction
*unplugging from yet another one of my habits
*Sunday mornings
*delicate beauty of simple things
*trying my best
*having patience
*healthy poops
*homeopathic remedies
*something beautiful today
*food and friendship
*good food
*soaking up some rays too
*my bed
*the fun of de-cluttering
*friends and food
*a fine bit of ass
*something sweet
*some retro
*getting stoked
*always trying to reach the surface
*the weekend
*sometimes saying no and 'Food Babies'
*small traditions
*17 and counting

That's a lot of YESes!!!
Yay for me that I stuck with it!!

Today I happily say YES to tenacity.