Thursday, April 14, 2011

Random Thoughts

These marshmallow bunnies don't care that they're plump and squishy. Must be nice.

For whatever reason, I have an overwhelming sense of compassion for worms. Just this morning I picked one up from the parking lot and placed it in the grass. I don't go so far as to chase away the Robins from the lawn, I just feel bad for the little guys.

When the hell did my hands turn into my mother's hands?!


I wish I could always be on 'first impression best behaviour'. If everyone I ever met, I only met the one time and for no longer than 15 minutes, I'd be the most awesome, well-liked popular person EVER!

How come after the age of 35 everything on your body and everything coming out of your body smells weird and different then when you were 20??

Rejected Art school photo

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