Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Not Quite Thai

I love love love cooking! I'm going tomorrow to sign up for Asian cooking classes. I want to cook all the time. And cook everything. For everyone! If it were up to me we would all be jolly and fat with foodie goodness....
Tonight's dish, Thai Spicy Basil Rice with Shrimp and Veggies
The bounty.
The bounty of the sea.
The bounty of the patty?
All together now............
I had to keep myself from munching.
Eggs beaten...
They are starting to turn pink!
Mmm, done.
Eggs scrambled.
Now for the sauce and rice.
Oh ya.
Can I get an amen?!
You know you want it.

Say YES to spicy!!


  1. that looks mighty fine, especially on your funky black plates.

  2. Thanks! It was pretty good too and had a bit of a kick. I'm starting cooking classes in over a week and will be making things a little more authentic.

  3. This SO beats my dollarama pad thai. Although it was tasty, I doubt it was as artfully crafted and nutritious as this... Well done!