Saturday, April 16, 2011

Every morning should be Saturday morning.

Saturday morning is the fun-loving twin to easy-going Sunday morning. It is a day for hot tea and a delicious breakfast and sitting around in your comfy pants until noon. Watching cartoons. Having a leisurely, satisfying poop. (That's more of a grown-up way of looking at Saturday mornings but like Martha Stewart says "It's a good thing.") I like to make more special types of breakfast on the weekend. I think the weekend deserves it. There's a more wonderful tone and pace to the weekend that anyone can appreciate and I think we should all pay homage to it in one way or another. Get drunk. Make love. Have quality family time. Try something new. Have a damn good breakfast. The weekend has given us so much and only wants us to have more.
It's a simple way of giving praise to Saturday and I'm happy to do it.

Say YES to the weekend!


  1. Gotta love abundance!!!!

  2. You know McDonald's makes a mean breakfest ;) - KTA

  3. You got it Tdot!!!!

    @KTA No way man!! I prefer the homemade egg and cheese on an english muffin...McDonald's makes me poop!!