Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What's the damn point?

Think you're important to people you know?? The truth is... you're not. Will you keep trying to engage those same people?? Sure you will because you're fucking stupid. So day after useless day you'll tell yourself you're worth something to someone, anyone, and you'll be happy to swallow your own bullshit because facing the truth that you're actually unappealing in every way to all people is just too much reality for you to face and if you actually stop and really think about it you WILL shoot yourself in the face.


  1. *note*
    The only people who should be important to you are those who feel that you are important to them. It's difficult to weed out those who are just freeloading or using you from those who genuinely think you're an awesome person. Why do you continue to keep engaging the ones who suck? In an attempt to show them that you don't suck, and that you should be important to them. My question - if they suck... why do you want to keep them around? I say, get out the WEED-DEATH spray, and start pruning! I'd rather be alone than surrounded by idiots who chip away at my soul ;)

  2. I AM alone. But wise words all the same, Sam, as usual :)

  3. what happened? Earlier you were enthused about poetry Wednesday???

  4. Hey, it could be worse. We could have all been born in a third world country... threatened daily by rebels... alone with many starving and dying children... and starving and dying ourselves.

    So dearest, I say this! It could be much, much worse!!! I didn't say that to make you feel silly. We all have such moments. I know I do. But let us try to count our blessings! And of course you matter. Don't be SILLY.