Monday, April 18, 2011

Oops, I did it again...

No I did not get lost in the game. I didn't play with your heart... I missed another blog post.

And Why? you ask...because I was too busy having a fun Saturday night and stuffing my face Sunday.

That's right friends and neighbours, I WAS TOO BUSY EATING!

I had three separate meals by noon Sunday! THREE!!! Do I feel guilty about missing a post? No. Do I feel guilty over the eating? No. I'm still eating. I've had a 'Food Baby' for days! (In fact, I went and heated up a burrito in the short time that I've been typing this post. HA!)

We all have responsibilities and obligations to fulfill. Some are more pressing and/or important than others. Would I blow off picking the Kid up from school because I was having too much (If any of you said yes...get bent.) And for the most part we all conduct ourselves with integrity and fulfill the responsibilities and obligations in our lives. But wouldn't it be great to decide that you just aren't going to do something because....YOU. CAN. Work tells you what to do and when. You have plans with your partner. There's that family thing you have to get to. Don't forget about the dog, he can't walk himself. The kids need you. You have class tonight and you still have homework to finish. You're meeting friends for drinks.You still have to go to the gym. You must pick up groceries for dinner.

UGH! Stop the world I want to get off!!!

And that is precisely what I did Sunday. I chose to put off a responsibility in order to pursue a more pleasurable activity. And I ate whatever I wanted and rubbed my 'Food Baby' lovingly while watching movies with a friend. The blog could wait. It will always be waiting. In fact, I am almost caught up now. I think I am only three posts behind and I will (with integrity) finish that this week.

Say YES to sometimes saying no and 'Food Babies'!


  1. Sometimes you need a food baby to get yourself back in the groove. There is nothing wrong with taking a day or two off- after all, this is the Easter season. And, Jesus would want you to.

  2. Oh, the food baby. I love them :) You never have to put them through university!