Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Awesome Possum!!

When I was pregnant with the Kid we subscribed to the movie channels on cable. I watched Sally Field's Places in the Heart like a hundred times. Don't ask me why, I was pregnant. Anyway, Sally Field's daughter in the movie was called Possum. I liked it. So that's the pet name that the Kid got from me. So I'm NOT talking about the adorable creature in the pink bow but my adorable Kid. And she is AWESOME! Not that I need any more reasons to be proud of my Kid but today was report card day. And as usual she came home with an excellent report. Yes I'm proud of my Kid because of the grades she gets but also because of the person that she is. The compassionate, thoughtful, kind, fair and fun person that she is. I'm proud of the way she advocates for the other kids that haven't found their voice to stand up for themselves. I'm proud of how helpful she is with staff and students alike. I'm proud of her clearly knowing the difference between right and wrong and standing up against the injustices of her world. What kid do you know donates their Christmas money to charity? Are there smarter kids out there? Sure. But how many kids do you know that have beauty, brains and a global conscience? I may not always like my Kid (she is still a kid after all...) but I love that Possum and she IS awesome.

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