Friday, February 11, 2011

Not everyone likes me...apparently

Ladies and gentlemen, I am a struggling single parent with a significant disability. I do not strike my child. I do not call my child names. I do not excessively yell at my child. I try not to embarrass my child. I provide ALL the basics for my child. I provide some of the luxuries for my child. I hug my child. I kiss my child. I say 'I love you' many times a day(even through text messaging if she's not with me) to my child. I encourage my child. I have real conversations with my child. I do the best that I can for my child.

My Kid has repeatedly asked one of her friends to come over for sleepovers or just to hang out and has been repeatedly told 'My mom said no'. The most recent time has been to work on an upcoming school project. And my Kid was told that this girl could only come over if there was another one of their friends coming too. There was never a reason given and I thought something was up. So I told the Kid to talk to her friend and find out what the problem was so that we could get it cleared up. I picked up the Kid from school today and found out that the reason her little friend could not come over is because of ME.

I am WEIRD. I don't spend enough time with my Kid. And because my Kid (who has long hair) got head lice last year that makes me a BAD MOM. So because I am a weird bad mother this girl isn't allowed to hang out with my sweet adorable Kid.

Out of respect for my own Kid, I can't even call this woman (whom I've only met maybe 3 times in the 6 years my Kid has been going to the same school as her daughter) to tell her off!! Where the hell does she get off placing that kind of judgment on someone she doesn't know??

Am I doing things like this??

Or worse yet, something like this???
                                                  Oh HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have got a lot of damn nerve talking smack lady. And if I was such a weird and horrible mom how is it that my Kid has good grades and is well liked by everyone she has ever met because she is such a funny and wonderful little person???

Today I am saying YES to being pissed right off!!


  1. holy crap!!! For realz?!? What's this woman's problem? Yeah, because school's aren't rampant with head lice? Haven't we all heard that head lice actually prefer nice clean hair? What an idiot this woman must be. Do you ever see this kid's mom at the school? She needs a talking-to.

  2. The Kid got the lice from a grade 3 student that she was her 'reading buddy'. I kept her home to shampoo her and remove the nits and wash all her bedding and clothes and vacuum EVERYTHING like you're supposed to. But for some reason she thinks I'm some kind of gutter trash that lives in filth! And if her daughter comes over she'll come home with lice. I rarely see this woman. The Kid had to fight just to go trick-or-treating with her friend because of the mother! I'm furious. And I'm sad. The kids think I'm cool. What if the other mothers think the same way about me as this one? Is it my spiky hair? My tattoos? Am I getting talked about because I'm not wearing the 'mom' uniform?? Talking to this mom could make it worse so I'm frustrated

  3. That is mean. Not nice to ruin a potentially meaningful friendship. Poor kiddo... If I were you I would call her up calmly and try to clarify things.

  4. Ignorant people... the world will always be full of them. My question is - why does this mother require another kid to be present? So she can have a witness? Or so that they can all get the apparently RAMPANT head lice together? People like this confuse me - and frankly... not worth your time. You get super bonus points for being respectful of your kid and not screaming at this crazy person.