Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow day schmowday Part 2

No one wants to be out in that white devil mess. Always on edge wondering if the idiots on the road are directly in front of you or worse! behind you about ready to crash into you. Why jeopardize your well being? It's too much risk. Instead take that thrill seeker in you and sit it down with a hot cup of whatever you like to drink (, tea, cocoa or Dr. Pepper if you're a Christopher Walken character) and risk a good read! I like to read for pleasure only. No learning for me thanks. If I'm reading to learn it's called work and me no likey work. Here's a few of my favourite reads and re-reads.

Ahh Mr. King. I do love his twisted mind. Of course if you have ever traveled through Maine (his home state) you would see that maybe he's not really that twisted and just plain entertaining. I've enjoyed almost everything he has written even as Richard Bachman. However I think my favourite is The Dead Zone. I adore the subject matter. I often wanted to be the main character Johnny Smith. To be special in a way that no one else was. And I think on some level I always  identified with John's obsession.

I have never read any of Mr. Deaver's other works. My mother suggested this one to me. Again the subject matter intrigues me. I can only imagine how wonderful it must be to have a scientific forensic brain, no emotion only fact.
 Compelling crime thrilla!!

 Seriously do I even need to say anything here....just read it.

 Only my train of thought and I love Zooey Deschanel...

But you won't find any of that in the book.


  1. I love older King stuff too, but haven't really gotten into any of his books in the last ten years, aside from The Dark Tower series. Loved, loved that. I find myself thinking about The Stand a lot. To Kill A Mockingbird is on my list of books I need to read, but I seem to be trudging along endlessly in 18th century Scotland, in Diana Gabaldon's good, but way-too-long books.

  2. Wow, have I been slacking off on reading your blog. I have some catching up to do. I liken it to renting my favourite shows and watching them commercial free back-to-back. OK, so you don't have any commercials... but you get where I'm going ;)
    Anywho, I have read EVERY Stephen King book out there (fiction), including some stuff he co-wrote. That guy is my ideal story-teller. I love every word...
    Did you know Zooey can sing too? Her perfectly cynical and snappy delivery of lines is also backed up by an unbelievably beautiful singing voice. True story :)