Thursday, February 17, 2011

For my homegirls...

On my way home tonight, a favourite song of mine was playing on the radio. I was singing and 'dancing' along to it when it hit me. I used to go out. I used to go out with friends. I used to go out with friends and DANCE. It would be such fun. Drooling over the guys we thought were hot. Fending off the old creeps and the foreigners that arrived in the country just that afternoon. It was good times. Now the closest I get to those times is when a song comes on the radio and I say to the Kid, "I used to party with K at the clubs to that song." We laugh. Then I sigh with angst and regret. Getting old sucks.
So for old times sake, I'd like to spin a few for my homies.

Jesus we were lame...


  1. That was awesome!!!! I don't know whether I'm delighted, or completely bummed out now. You're right--getting old totally sucks. Damn, we thought we were the shiznit too. Love it. We need a great big post on days of clubbing!

  2. Great choice of music - cheesey 90s dance/rap is my favourite. Still don't know all the words to "informer" - I think the line is "I lick my boom boom there". Not sure that that translate to in - either way it is funny!

    We had so much fun :-) Ahhh..memories :-)

  3. We'll have to collaborate on it because I don't remember much. lol

    Informer was just for you Michelle!

  4. but Michelle, I thought you did understand all the Informer speak...that's what I remember at least!