Sunday, February 6, 2011

Things that make me F<@KING NUTS!! PART 1

For any of you who know me, you also know that I'm not only easily annoyed but I am easily annoyed by the smallest of things. Annoyed by excessive cursing. (Especially my own) All unnecessary noise. Random singing. The Ex did that often. Always loud. Always off key. Always totally out of context. It might have been charming, maybe, if the singing had related to the previous event or conversation or if the song was well sung and not from No Doubt or TLC. But of course that was just me wanting to control everything and everyone around me and ruin the fun that everybody else was having because I think that everything and everyone is stupid and senseless and I like just straight up being an abusive bitch!! (But THAT rant is for another day)

                    Deep breath in........

                                         Deep breath out..............................................

I I am annoyed by so much in fact that I need to do this series of posts in parts. I don't want to give myself a stroke.

Do I even have to comment here? 

Calling it a muffin doesn't make it good for you. A chocolate muffin is just a cupcake for morons.

False hope bothers me. There are always things about ourselves that we may dislike or want to change. Where are the commercials telling us it's ok and beautiful to be flawed? It's products like this that make it near impossible to find a significant other to accept you for who you are because airbrushed fake plastic people are everywhere and we have to be like them or will become the next dating website.

People that think my depression isn't a REAL ailment. That I'm just being a bummer and that I can just think myself happy. Someone put this on a facebook friend's wall...
"Telling a person suffering from depression to 'Cheer up' or 'Snap out of it' is like telling a blind person to 'Look harder'.
If you think that I choose to be this way, you are an idiot. If you think I don't work hard every minute of every day to fight my illness, you are an idiot. And to everyone that has ever told me 'Chin up buttercup' in one form or another, GET BENT.

People that gain celebrity through reality television. How proud they all must be. Famous the world over for being douchebags.

Most reality television including sensationalist programs like Maury and Springer. Seriously, why do we need shows like Bridalplasty, Jersey Shore, The Kardashians, Swamp People, Rehab with Dr. Drew and the hundreds of others that seem to have no point but to exploit the underbelly of humanity. Sure there are some reality programs that show the tenacity and strength of the human spirit which I find uplifting. But even those somehow get ruined by routine and commercialism. Here's one that I saw just today, even though it has been around for at least six seasons.

Now you tell me what the hell the point of that is...


  1. is that cigarette thing REAL?!? OMFG, girlfriend. This was pure blog gold. I especially loved when you said you have to do it in installments so you don't have a stroke. Fantastic.

  2. Yes that cigarette thing is real. It you were a television watcher you would see that it's a current commercial. There is so much that I have to write about in this series there isn't a word known to man to describe the sheer volume of things that get my blood boiling! I'm glad you liked it.