Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow day sshmowday Part 3

Ok so snow can be beautiful but you still gotta shovel it.....

The third of my favourite 'relax day' activities is by far the most important and terrific one of all.....


I love movies. I love the great movies and I love the crappy movies. There's the movies that you can barely watch once and the ones that you watch over and over again. I wish there was a way for me to watch every movie that was ever made.

I snuck into this one when I was eight. I think that may be the reason why I have an aversion to little people.
Hey K, does the Billy Barty character look like someone we know and don't love? hahahaha

There are a ton of movies I want to list here and more clips to show you but the Kid wants her laptop back and she's been very patient so I'll leave those for another day and get to the important one.

No matter what the occasion and no matter what my mood, the movie I enjoy watching over and over again the most...the one that I know all the words to....(musical fanfare please)....


I only have it on VHS tape and it's in my VCR right now, always is...


  1. I can't think of who the Billy Barty character reminds me of??? What a crazy movie! I don't think I remember it at all. As for Jaws--I've never been able to watch scary movies, and sharks actually make me feel a little nauseous.

  2. I have problems swimming in natural bodies of water to this day but at the same time I want to go into one of those shark cages!! As for the Billy Barty character, think father figure.

  3. as in ...jet black pompoofdadour hair, jerky jerk sarcastic mouth? That's actually who I thought of right off the bat, but then thought...nah...I must be wrong

  4. The original Jaws was the bestest... 'nuff said.
    I caught a scene or two of Psycho when I was really little. One of the scenes I saw was the shower scene, where she gets stabbed... I was WAY too young to be watching that (where were my parents? Folding laundry or scolding my other three siblings, no doubt). I remember seeing the stabbing (in black and white, quite dramatic) and being sick to my stomach. I think I was 3 or 4. I understood what was happening completely, and it kinda screwed with me for a while. To this day, I have not watched Psycho ever again...