Saturday, February 26, 2011

Birthday 'Sleepover Kit'

For the Kid's birthday she is having a friend sleepover tonight. (Next weekend is the BIG birthday sleepover with lots of kids...) Anyway, we had the Mandarin Birthday Dinner last night with the Mom and two friends of the family. After dinner was done the Kid got to open her birthday gift from our friends. It was a 'Birthday Sleepover Kit' that they had assembled. The Kid was thrilled. It included funky wigs, glow-in-the-dark stuff, junk food, crafts, music, surprise bags and some other stuff. Very cool gift. The two girls have been having a great time with the 'Kit'. One of the highlights being the surprise spray streamer attack on me while I was quietly sitting in my room. Our poor cat Beans took the brunt of it and I spent 5 minutes picking the toxic stuff out of his fur. (I think he's still hiding under my bed.) However the very best was when the girls opened the surprise bags and found Ricky Martin collectible post cards circa 1999. (The same year the Kid was born.) We all had a good laugh and the Kid suggested that the cards were so funny I should blog about them. So here they are.

Collect all 72!
The girls thought he should have been holding a cell phone. I think he's laughing to himself about how he fooled so many heterosexual women into loving him. "Silly breeders!"
I'd like to say that this is a waste of a crotch shot. A Ken doll has a better package.
Ooh he's trying to touch me...
Classic Ricky.

Thanks 'Aunt' J and 'Uncle' A                                                                                          


  1. Ricky Martin collector cards! Now that takes the cake. That was hilarious, especially the bit about fooling all the hetero women. I was not fooled!

  2. I remember how hot he was on general hospital, he was the ladies man...........