Sunday, February 20, 2011

How can it be Sunday already??

I had my Friday night on Saturday and now it's Sunday. I can't believe it's frakin' Sunday. I know Sunday mornings are usually associated with church. But my Sunday mornings are filled with eggs on toast, hot milky tea and a warm cozy bed. Long stretches. Messy hair. Kitty snuggles. And sometimes, like this morning, recovering from the night before. Sunday mornings are supposed to be peaceful, enjoyable, and easy just like Mr. Ritchie says.

I googled 'Sunday morning' and these were some of the results I liked...

Say YES to Sunday mornings.


  1. very nice pics :)

    especially the last one.

  2. dang, that last one stirred something long dead within me...

  3. Oh MY!!! SUNDAY MORNING!!! HAHAHA! I just posted about that Lionel Ritchie song and said that I thought I was so funny cause I used to say, a woman could never sing that song!! tee hee, have a great week!