Thursday, February 3, 2011

In a minute...

So it seems that writing a daily blog has proven more difficult than I imagined. I figured it would be challenging but not to this extent. It's difficult coming up with ideas that are worth writing about let alone worth reading. (This by the way is not one of those ideas, sorry) In fact I think the blogs I've done so far are fairly substandard but I never claimed to be a writer. Put the writing aside for a moment though. I'm amazed that someone (that's me) who is currently unemployed and does not have any hobbies or an active personal life simply does not find the time to write.

Now maybe you're thinking "Life gets busy" or "Regular everyday stuff piles up" or "These things happen". There's nothing necessarily preventing me from writing. True I have a hard time with ideas. (So far they ain't been so hot but I'm still trying to find my feet here) I don't have any true distractions. No job. I don't volunteer. The Kid is in school all day. Televisions can be turned off. Facebook will go on without me. I don't usually answer my telephone. (Not that anyone calls me...misanthropes don't have many friends) So there is really nothing stopping me from blogging my ass off! But here it is February and I haven't gotten into a daily routine and I'm up to my eyes in unwritten blogs. Why? Because I put things off....

This deal with putting things off is what is called PROCRASTINATION. To procrastinate is to defer action, to delay. I'm pretty good at deferring all kinds of things. In fact I wish there was a paying job for someone like me. Professional Procrastinator. So today I decided to change it up a little. This morning I chose to say YES to a new process of 'Getting started early and blogging first before I do other stuff'. It started off ok but now it's like 3pm and I'm still not done and really don't even like what the hell crap it is that I'm typing. I didn't turn off the television. And I've been on YouTube and facebook. The Kid stayed home from school and needed cuddle time. Breakfast, lunch and three tea breaks have passed. Text messages. Grumbling about this stupid devil cell phone. Multiple phone calls from the co-op office. Having to share a computer. Blowing my nose 63 times. Two coughing fits. Five bathroom breaks. So it's all gone to shit and I don't even have a point. Not really. So what is the point?

Shit does happen. And eventually I'll finish and that should be good enough. So that's ok.

Also in order to say YES to my blog I need to learn to say NO to not only distraction but to the needs of someone else. (I need to 'defer' those needs. Eh? Check me out using new words.) And that's ok too.

In fact maybe there are all kinds of lessons to be learned here. Lessons about being a 'true' adult or time management or prioritizing or how procrastination is really just a perfectionist's fear of failure materializing or exactly how much time gets wasted on nothing.

So since my first attempt at changing my daily routine didn't work out so well. I will instead say YES to perseverance and try, try again.


  1. I completely understand! I definitely couldn't post everyday, I have been lately but that is unusual, I try to do one or two posts a week. I like to tell funny stories that happen to me but sometimes my life isn't that funny and its rather boring and monotonous (hence my Groundhog day post) but I have gotten ideas from reading other people's blogs - like Wordless Wednesdays - just photos or Random Thought Thursdays is always fun. I thought about doing movie or book reviews on my blog in upcoming posts. One last idea is lists - you can always do favorite songs, favorite movies, worst commercials ever, etc. Happy Writing!

  2. what's harder than tossing aside the obsessive compulsive MUST DO'S in order to do the WANT TO DO'S???

    I think your posts have been great. Takes a while on here for people to know that you're alive.

  3. I absolutely love that last comic. It puts everything you wrote into a neat little hilarious comic... :) Damn the internet!
    It's not about having time, or knowing what to write - it's about making time. But isn't that WAY EASIER SAID THAN DONE? I know all too well what you are experiencing. You should see my blog... missing entries all over the place! ;)